11 production sites with a total of 40 live TV signals.


For our customer WDR, VIDI transmitted a total of 40 live TV signals from 11 production sites for the 2023 Finals - during the production period from July 03 to July 07, 2023. All TV signals were completely sent to the location "Central Production" in Cologne to WDR.

From WDR Cologne (Central Production), the connection for the customer ZDF "NBC site" in Mainz was made via additional VIDI exchange connections.

Everything was controlled and monitored by the VIDI Network Management System VIDI NMS 2.x, which was set up at the WDR Cologne site. In addition, the VIDI NOC in Darmstadt was integrated as a backup.

In total, VIDI was on site with four operators and service staff to manage everything.

Picture: VIDI GmbH



Already several weeks before, the connections of the different production sites were coordinated in close cooperation with the WDR project management. "One of the biggest challenges was to clarify the land and building access with the different landlords and property managers," says Wasim Azab, VIDI Sales Manager Events.

As always, all media adaptation technology for all 11 production sites (one flight case each) was prepared, set up, configured and extensively tested in the VIDI lab in Darmstadt, so that the on-site roll-out was smooth and fast. The entire on-site setup and commissioning then took place in two days.
In total, VIDI was on site with three VIDI OB trucks and two additional air-conditioned production trailers.


Picture: VIDI GmbH

Sustainability "Green Motion"


VIDI supports the initiative of the working group "Green Shooting", for nationwide uniform ecological standards for audiovisual production. We particularly considered - because of the reduction of CO2- emissions - the areas of travel and passenger transport as well as accommodation in the project planning of events.

For the 2023 finals, we formed car pools and took into account rail travel - instead of cars for transport to the venues - as far as this was possible within the framework of the event and the locations.

Accommodation was provided in selected hotels that excel particularly in the areas of sustainability and the environment.


Picture: VIDI GmbH