quality policy

"Broadcasting projects of any type and size can be implemented in a highly professional and reliable manner.
High quality for these media networks is our claim - 100% service availability for the implemented projects is our promise".


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Highest standards for highest customer satisfaction


Quality principles

At VIDI GmbH, producing quality means that employees think in terms of quality and are responsible for their own work - always embedded in the guidelines of our quality management system.
VIDI plans, installs and operates broadcast IT systems and system solutions for numerous national and international media and broadcast companies. Our long-term contractual relationships are based on the steadily growing trust of our customers in the quality, reliability and safety of our services.
To maintain this quality in the future, VIDI has been certified according to the new DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 standard since April 2019. The ISO 9001 standard has meanwhile established itself worldwide as the standard for evaluating competencies for fulfilling quality requirements and strengthening customer satisfaction.
Highly motivated employees and state-of-the-art technology guarantee the proverbial VIDI quality.

We live quality

When it comes to quality, VIDI has to meet the highest demands. This is ensured by a precisely tailored, integrated quality management system.

Safety and quality

Know-how and mature technologies are the strengths of VIDI. By combining the tried and tested with the new, we create user-friendly services. Two things have an outstanding effect. We set the highest standards for reliability and thus for the availability of our services. This is why quality assurance is an integral part of all VIDI areas. Until the project is handed over, every service or requested service undergoes a large number of tests.

This enables us to offer consistently high quality - nationally and internationally in the broadcast and media market.

The level of our services is determined by the following principles:

Focus on customer satisfaction

Our customers are our partners and we are closely networked with our customers and know their actual needs. They determine the success and continued existence of our company. The essential factors here:

Secure, high quality and innovative.

Optimize processes, avoid errors

In order to ensure a consistently high level of quality, we work with standardised core processes and workflows. The continuous control and analysis of these core processes serves as a basis for improvement measures. The principle of error avoidance instead of error correction plays a central role here.

This is why, in addition to systematic VIDI project management, we use various methods and techniques for verification. In addition, we qualify and validate our processes and cooperate closely with our suppliers and interested parties in order to integrate their work precisely into the overall processes.

All these factors together ensure that our service meets the specified requirements and achieves the specified quality.

Assume responsibility

All VIDI employees are called upon to actively ensure the quality of processes, services and services within their work environment. Promoting this sense of quality and responsibility is a management task at VIDI.

The VIDI management ensures that the VIDI quality policy and the associated management systems are understood and actively communicated.


Constant further training and the continuous improvement process firmly anchored in the provision of our services also contribute to increasing the sense of responsibility and motivation of our employees.