VIDI GmbH provides update for world’s largest integrated Media- and Data-Network

Rostelecom (RTC) selected VIDI in Darmstadt, Germany to provide them several services for an update on RTR’s, the Russian state broadcaster nationwide media-network. The network spans over 7.000 km, covering 7 Time-Zones over the whole Russian territory and connects nearly 100 regional and local studios all over Russia with the Headquarter in Moscow. In a first step 43 Studios were updated, receiving redundant MediaLinks MDP 3020 equipment. The network Management software was also updated to the latest VIDI NMS 2.0. Diverse routed connectivity and auto protection switching by the MDP 3020 and the VIDI NMS 2.0 ensure highest end-to-end availability. Additionally, 20 regional nodes and the Headquarter in Moscow were expended & updated with routers, switches and media adaptation equipment.

RTR uses the network for all communication needs of the regional studios, partly with remote operations. Data connectivity, file transfer communication as well as for the delivery of audio and video signals in different formats and with different interfaces. The MDP 3020 is capable to be upgraded to provides the latest kinds of compressions, which may be used for extension of existing network for new services as well.
VIDI provided support during the planning phase, the whole hardware including pre-configuration, tests, shipment and remote support during the roll out and installation process and support during the operation itself. The project is also supported by Russian partners and VIDI Integration OOO, the Russian subsidiary of VIDI GmbH in Darmstadt.

The complete network is managed and controlled by VIDI’s NMS 2.0, the Network Management System of VIDI.

Karsten Winterberg CTO of VIDI GmbH: “It was a real challenge to provide such an update on a running system without interrupting the service or the connectivity of the studios. Covering the whole network management over 7 time-zones, with several network operation centres using Cyrillic Script for Alias-Names, locations and labelling on the user interface was another challenge. With our VIDI NMS 2.0 we could solve all requirements of our customer and even the extra challenges of COVID-19 could be managed!"

Rostelecom representative Yaroslav Khodokovskiy: “RTС is using MediaLinks Hardware, supported by the service and the experience of VIDI for years now. The VIDI NMS is well known at the customer and highly rated because of the unique combination of flexibility, reliability and the possibility to integrate the special needs of this network into the software. For us, there was no other choice than going also for the next stage of expansion of this project with VIDI and MediaLinks."

After successful finalisation of the first stage, the next steps are on hold for COVID-19. The upgrade of the nationwide DTT / SFN network had to be stopped for the same reason. But finally, it is only a question of time when VIDI is continuing the upgrade of the world’s most expanse media network.

About Rostelecom:

PJSC “Rostelecom” is Russia’s largest integrated provider of digital services and solutions, with presence in all market segments and covering millions of households, governmental and private organizations.
The Company maintains leading positions in the market of high-speed Internet access and PayTV services with over 13.4 million broadband Internet subscribers and some 10.7 million Rostelecom PayTV subscribers of which over 5.9 million subscribers are connected to the Interactive TV services. Rostelecom’s wholly owned subsidiary Tele2 Russia is now a major player on the mobile communications market with over 44 million subscribers, and the leader in terms of NPS (Net Promoter Score) index reflecting willingness of users to recommend company’s services to others.
Rostelecom is an unquestionable leader on the market of telecommunications services for Russian public authorities and corporate users of all levels.
The Company is a widely recognized technology leader in offering innovative solutions for electronic government, cybersecurity, data center and cloud-based services, biometrics, healthcare, education, house maintenance and utility services.
The Company stable financial position is confirmed by credit ratings assigned by leading rating agencies: BBB- from Fitch Ratings, BB+ from Standard&Poor’s, and AA (RU) from ACRA.