VIDI give-and-go - no question.

For VIDI it was no question to get involved here again. As the video service provider for world championships, VIDI promotes young talents for the world championship of professions - in the true sense of the word a give-and-go!

"Encouraging young people to develop and unfold in their careers, to bring forward young talent projects like WorldSkills Germany, that's great. If we can get involved in inspiring young talents in the sense of social commitment in conjunction with the sponsoring business model, then that is motivation enough," says VIDI Managing Director Karsten Winterberg.

The benefits of the cooperation are obvious for Managing Directors Karsten Winterberg and Jürgen Jahn of VIDI: "We are increasing our level of awareness with the sponsoring and want to create a greater awareness of the organization WorldSkills Germany and its concerns".

The World Skills Championship - talents know no boundaries - that is WorldSkills Germany.

The organization aims as a whole, at national competitions and the support of Team Germany or individual skills at World and European Skills Championships of the professions, at events or theme-related activities, project support, in regions as well as across regions.

"A good day for the young skilled workers in Germany", the managing directors Karsten Winterberg and Jürgen Jahn are pleased to say.


About WorldSkills Germany
WorldSkills Germany e.V. promotes and supports national and international competitions of non-academic professions. The competitions provide impulses for vocational training, economic contacts and a platform for presenting new developments. They show young people opportunities at an early stage and motivate them to excel in training. WorldSkills Germany is an ambassador for Germany as a business location and the organizer of the national preliminary competitions through which the participants qualify for WorldSkills. The WorldSkills Germany association, founded in 2006, brings together the commitment and ideas of currently over 70 members, partners, companies and associations. It is the national member organization of WorldSkills International and WorldSkills Europe. As a partner of WorldSkills Germany, Samsung Electronics GmbH is committed to excellence in vocational training and promotes the digital development of non-academic professions. The chairman of the board of WorldSkills Germany e.V. is Andrea Zeus, a consultant at the Central Association of the German Automotive Industry; Hubert Romer is the managing director of WorldSkills Germany.