Review of successful winter events - Saison 2018/2019

To transmit the fascinations and emotions of winter sports - currently biathlon as number 1 of winter sports fans - was once again the challenge of the VIDI experts.

Whether Live TV transmissions from the ski jump table in Garmisch and Oberstdorf, via biathlon on Schalke and Oberhof to the World Ski Championships in Sweden (Are), the video specialists at VIDI have mastered and fulfilled the technical and availability requirements of the various TV programme organisers.

VIDI's task was to transmit the live TV signals produced by the TV broadcasters ARD, ZDF and ORF from various winter sports broadcasting locations to the respective "home studios".

On the basis of node and edge disjunct line routing, 1Gbps and 10Gbps dedicated lines were provided by VIDI for the transmission of the required video and data services.

The proven and reliable VIDI media adaptation (MediaLinks MD8000) was mainly used. Most of the video services were transmitted in HD with a compression rate of 250 Mbits.



Sportlerball of the year 2018 from the Kurhaus in Baden-Baden

VIDI Monitoring via VIDI NMS

The VIDI NOC in Darmstadt constantly monitored all video and data services via its own VIDI network management system (VIDI NMS) and coordinated the deployment of service staff on site at the venues.

Due to decades of experience in the implementation and project planning of live TV events, all unforeseen events in the run-up to the event transmission, such as snow chaos, short-term changes to the event locations and bandwidth requirements, could be implemented to the complete satisfaction of the customers as always.

Thus the experts of VIDI could prove once more that the securing of live TV transmissions, no matter from which place in the world, is one of the strengths of VIDI.




And if you saw the pictures of the nominations for the 2018 Sportsman of the Year before Christmas, you now know that the VIDI team was also there in the background.

Impressions of our VIDI Service Teams on site at the various events.