Powerful, scalable and easy to automate

PlayBox neo has a uniform automation system that can operate PlayBox neo and third-party products. Cost-effective and therefore easy to use, without affecting reliability.

PlayBox neo

With "Channel in a Box" (CIAB), PlayBox neo provides a complete solution with which one or more TV channels can be realised in a comparatively simple way. Channel in a Box combines planning, ingest, playout, CG and interactive graphics in one box and also offers remote tools to improve quality control, preparation and monitoring. The task can be performed as SDI or IP streaming and is suitable for a wide range of applications.
VIDI expert, Michael Kucks during the introduction of PlayBox neo and the presentation of the individual modules.


  • CaptuerBox - for the Ingest
  • TitleBox - for CG and interactive graphics
  • ListBox - the playlist editor
  • AirBox - for automated playout

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It's all in a PlayBox!
technology with the power of a complete TV channel.
Guaranteed satisfaction
The PlayBox technology is File Agnostic and plays almost all video formats without transcoding in the playlist.
This saves time and complications in the workflow.


VIDI TEAM at the Hamburg Open 2020

Plamen Chardakliev, Harald Kreissl, Michael Kucks