Fiber optic network of VIDI GmbH for the WDR "ARD Sportschau"

VIDI GmbH continues to transmit the required live signals for WDR as main transmission paths for the "ARD Sportschau" from and to the stadiums of the 1st Soccer League on a fibre-optic basis.

The new agreement is valid for the next two seasons.

The fiber optic media network operated by VIDI with its own VIDI network management system (VIDI NMS) used in a NOC "Network Operation Center" ensures highest quality, flexibility and operational reliability.

For the 2019/20 and 2020/21 seasons, with a total of more than 180 Soccer League  matches per year, WDR continues to rely on VIDI's expertise in transmitting the content produced for the "Sportschau".

picture rights: VIDI