Event Outlook 2021

IceHockey World Cup 2021, "Super Election Year 2021", EURO 2020 and 250 years of Beethoven - VIDI is live on location at all these events.

IceHockey World Cup 21

"Winter sports season 2020/21 successfully completed!" was the headline of a release from VIDI on March 17, 2021. As a "latecomer", the IceHockey World Cup 2021 in Riga, the capital of Latvia, will take place from May 21 to June 6, 2021. VIDI will provide redundant 1G connections from Riga to London and to Frankfurt. The connections are used to transmit live TV footage.

Backup and separate routing are therefore essential: reliability "Made by VIDI".



state election in Saxony-Anhalt

As in previous years, VIDI is once again the service provider for public broadcasters in the "Super Election Year 2021" for the transmission of broadcast-relevant signals from the state capital to the customer's headquarters. Customers can choose from a wide range of options. From a simple follow-up connection to an "all-round carefree package": everything is possible.

For the state election in Saxony-Anhalt, for example, VIDI is at the fair in Magdeburg with its own OB van, where the broadcast centre is set up, so that the customer has a direct contact person on site. There, the signals are taken over by VIDI and delivered directly to the customers' studios.


Preparations begin five days before the election to allow sufficient time for set-up, commissioning and extensive testing.
Everything is in place to ensure that the election broadcasts on June 6, 2021 run smoothly. Of course, the VIDI NMS 2.0 is used for monitoring at the VIDI NOC in Darmstadt.
Every election brings new challenges, but with VIDI our customers have an experienced and reliable partner at their side!


EURO 2020

The EURO 2020 will certainly be a highlight in 2021. VIDI will provide many connections for rights holders throughout Europe from the IBC in Amsterdam. The bandwidths range from "only" 1G to 10G. VIDI hands over the signals in various telehouses or directly at the customer. As early as May 20, VIDI will also be on site with its own staff at a customer's premises.
In addition, the Marienplatz in Munich will be connected for a "beauty shot" during the event.


250th Birthday of Beethoven

VIDI can also do classical music! Since the event "Simultaneous Concert on the Occasion of the 250th Birthday of Beethoven" had to be cancelled last year, there will be the substitute event "Europe Celebrates Beethoven" this year. VIDI has the privilege of being live on site and transmitting this concert. A nice change, since cultural events are not part of VIDI's daily business.
However, it is to be feared that our team will have rather little time to devote to the enjoyment of the arts.


Image rights: All images pixabay, except LTW 21 Image rights by VIDI