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Device View
  • Status of all equipment deployed in the network
  • Grouping of devices by location
  • Searching of inventory by device type, name etc.
  • Simplified graphical front view of each device/module including status indication
  • Intuitive device configuration interface
  • Representation of service status and visualization of key parameters
  • Resource availability overview
Circuit & Scheduler View
  • Quick route finding and provisioning via the topology or map
  • Stream visualization for quick fault finding
  • Scheduling of circuits on single/daily/weekly basis supported
  • Grouping of circuits per customer/event etc.
  • Active monitoring of all established circuits
  • Visualization of circuit status in timeline view
  • Correlation of circuits with incoming SNMP traps and log messages
  • Direct links between services and hardware for quick troubleshooting
Topology View
  • Visualization of geographical or logical locations and interconnections
  • Grouping of devices e.g. per location
  • Bidirectional monitoring of interconnections
  • Capacity management for interconnections
  • Visualization of either network status or available capacity by color code
  • Freely configurable icons for individual devices and groups
  • OpenStreepMaps and locally hosted individual maps supported
Web Portal
  • Enable customers to book their own media services via an external tool
  • Individual sources/destinations can be made available for selected customers
  • Customers can monitor their services
  • Overview of booked services
  • Integration with billing module
  • Customization of look & feel with corporate design
Redundancy-Failover Protection
  • Run the core modules on multiple parallel servers with automatic failover protection
  • Monitor redundancy state of the individual modules
  • Grant system access to users based on user privileges
  • Keep track of user activity
Performance View
  • Monitor over-time reliability of equipment and customer services
  • Visualize scheduled services
  • Visualize incoming trap messages for quick correlation of incidents
  • Show capacity utilization of various system components
  • Record and visualize parameters e. g. errors, temperatures, failures over time
  • Export of collected data for later processing into SLA report
Log-View / Trap View
  • Show incoming traps with key information
  • Support for advanced inspection of individual traps
  • Visual indication of trap severity
  • Filtering based on location/device/module or port
  • Link traps to services
  • Export of traps or log for external processing
  • Logging of system and user activity
  • Advanced possibilities to filter logs by source and severity
Button Panel / XY Panel
  • Quick enabling/disabling of circuits by click or touch
  • Button panel can be linked to hardware switch panel
  • Provision any service through a complex network using source/destination button push panels
  • Switch Panel similar to cross matrix panels
  • Fast end-to-end switching
  • Unlimited number of simultaneous switch panels
Event & Alarm manager
  • Trigger alarms based on device alarms, incoming traps or system state
  • Execute actions such as Emails, acoustic alarms or active switchover to backup systems
  • Execute CLI commands to interface with any hardware/software
  • Use predefined alarming logic or define alarms on a project basis
  • Interact with incoming alarms by acknowledging them for a certain time
  • Attach comments to alarms for other operators and documentation purposes
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Managing media networks

VIDI NMS: Benefit from our Experience in Network Management Systems

VIDI NMS—our comprehensive tool for your Media Network management, service scheduling, operational monitoring and alarm management. It’s based on our team’s extensive experience in designing, building and running broadcast networks of all sizes and levels of complexity.

It combines flexibility with cost-efficiency and an easy usability with the highest reliability.

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KEy Features
  • Operational monitoring of media & carrier networks
  • Alarm & trap management
  • Effective fault isolation
  • Quick service provisioning (devices / bandwidth / VLAN & IP pools)
  • Service scheduling and monitoring calendar
  • Parameter recording and event correlation timeline
  • Customer web booking portal
  • Extensive user (access) management
  • Server / client architecture
  • XML scripting engine for device modeling / integration
  • Vendor independent
  • Intuitive and Customizable GUI
  • Organize views on multiple screens
  • Northbound API

Rely on the system that we rely on.

No matter from which perspective you are looking at it: Event, Network or as a Manufacturer. Rely on the system that we rely on! Proven in many Broadcasting events—Our NMS provides the right information, at the right time, at any place.

  • World Cup 2014 and 2018
  • Confederations Cup, 2013 and 2017
  • Olympic Games 2016 and 2018
  • Ski–World 2016, 2017
  • Euro 2012, 2016
  • Many other great sports events
  • Major American Telecom, USA: nationwide area network (since 2017)
  • German Football League Bundesliga, Germany: stadium contribution network (since 2014)
  • JDS Media exchange Network, Japan
  • DU Dubai, FM Transmitter Network since 2018
  • Global Connect, Denmark nationwide NGN
  • Aperi
  • AppearTV
  • Arista
  • Barnfind
  • Harmonic
  • Juniper
  • Media Links
  • Nevion
  • Rittal
  • Rohde & Schwarz


Operational monitoring of media networks
adaptable for your requirements











An integrative tool for Media Network management that groups all existing devices under one “umbrella”, no matter what manufacturer or sub-management-system is used. A modular software that provides monitoring, service scheduling, configuration, Web-Booking, performance and alarm management – giving you a complete picture.


VIDI NMS provides an intuitively designed graphical overview of all the elements and their status within the network. It takes a minimal number ofsteps to find out what’s going on in the network and take appropriate measures. Comprehend what’s going on – at a glance.


Managing complex networks requires different views and access rights to the system and functions. The GUI is scalable from a laptop screen to driving any number of screens in a monitoring facility. VIDI NMS comes with a flexible, centralized user and rights management that allows the sophisticated definition of users or user groups required for each task – giving everyone the appropriate view.


VIDI NMS offers the possibility to quickly provision ad hoc services if time is precious. Additionally, the scheduling module takes care of managing planned future services with its calendar and resource management functionality. During the provisioning process, available resources such as encoders/decoders and network interfaces are analyzed for capacity and paths through the network are routed based on user-defined priorities.


VIDI NMS integrates devices from any manufacturer. Widespread protocols such as SNMP, REST, Ember+ etc. are already supported. The development of additional manufacturer-specific protocol drivers are done on a regular basis. With communication established, monitoring and service provisioning, any support can be implemented – independent from the manufacturer.

What our clients say…

Th. Beck, Weser.TV / Playoutsystem

"We have been on air since July, and the road there was extremely simple and elegant: in less than six weeks from delivery to regular operation. The preparation and support of VIDI are unique! "

Our multitool for your network management

For Network Operators
  • Satisfying your every need - customizable to specific needs and requirements
  • Quick and easy fast first-time set up
  • Everything under control – flexible, centralized user management and authorization functionality
  • Fast integratioof new device types, independent of manufacturer
  • Always on time – ad hoc provisioning or connection scheduling
  • Dig a little deeper – drill down from overview to details
  • Have an eye on everything – over-provisioning the network, guaranteeing the availability at all times
For Manufacturers
  • Stay your own brand – the software is easily adaptable to your corporate design and branding
  • Seamless connectivity – interoperability with and between different product lines
  • Works instantly – quick setup, integration and direct support for the users
  • Easy to handle – flexible handling at any time, small resources required
  • Open for innovations – easily adaptable to new releases and of course to existing ones
For Event organizers
  • It works – with any system and protocol neutral of the manufacturer
  • You choose –event-based setups on central and de-central production sides are feasible
  • Stay save – logging, quality documentation and User-Right-Management
  • Be the boss – Interface and hand over point monitoring – demark points
  • What’s cooking – Service related classification definitions and detection of impacts

Named market leaders have already chosen the product as an important part for next generation networks.

IF It's Challenging—
Make it VIDI NMS

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